India is one of those countries which has nurtured a multitude of religions and contrasting and conflicting diversities. India was once known for her tolerant and and accommodating  nature which today has been harshly disrupted by selfish demagogues who can stoop to any level to satisfy their hunger. These beasts, for whom the euphemism 'Politician' has been used have pushed the country into war of conflicting religious ideologies. The 'clash' of ideologies had always been there but the brotherhood our ancestors used to exhibit despite various differences is today, no less than a utopian thought. Since the beginning, preachers wanted to expand their religion. Earlier it was done by professing the scriptures in such a persuading manner that listeners succumbed to it oblivious of the explosive ability it possessed. Now, the purpose is same but the method has revamped. Now, religion is imposed upon the people. It is no longer a meticulous set of rituals and practices common to it's followers. It has evolved itself into a shenanigan for controlling people. From opium of the masses it has become the chain of the captives. If you lambaste it, you will be killed in the name of blasphemy, if your views differ, it is nothing but few heresies and yet again, you will be killed in the name of religion.This is the unfortunate fate of a nation which has wrongly interpreted the semantics of religion and that day is not far when a sanguine conflict to thwart these ideals will compel us to rethink what is.....RELIGION


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